Hi, I'm Natalie.

I'm passionate about education.

The #1 topic? Health.

By improving your health through activity, nutrition, sleep quality and other lifestyle factors, you're more likely to feel better, be more productive, have better relationships, substantially reduce your risk of disease and overall, be a lot happier. 

And I know this better than anybody. 

I live with a life-threatening condition called Cystic Fibrosis. Right now, it's incurable. But it is manageable, mainly through exercise, nutrition, rest and a positive mindset. Without those things, I wouldn't be here today. So I document what I learn as I fight to stay healthy for as long as possible in the hope that you'll learn something too.


A lot of my articles and guides are based on months of research as well as my honest opinions and experiences, pulling all of the important stuff in to one place so that it's super accessible. 

Here are some of the topics that I cover:

  • Health: from health screenings and tests, to important issues like air pollution and antibiotic resistance
  • Training: from exercise techniques, to high-performing apparel
  • Nutrition: from creating a balanced diet, to nutritional supplementation
  • Living well: from optimising sleep, to avoiding toxins, self-development, and being kinder to the planet

Because I have CF, I can't afford to take risks with my health. I won't use crappy products with bullsh*t claims, and so I won't recommend them to you either. On the flip side, if a product or an approach to health works for me, against the odds, then I'll do my best to ensure as many people as possible know about it so that they might be able to benefit too.


  • Marketing consultant specialising in health and fitness. I  graduated with first-class Marketing BA Hons, worked with charities, start ups and clients including Reebok, Samsung and NatWest
  • Personal training, classes, events: qualified Level 2 (fitness instructing), Level 3 (personal trainer), spin qualified, currently completing Les Mills modules
  • Speaker for universities and brands: covering topics including health + fitness, corporate wellness, marketing, building an online portfolio or brand
  • Freelance copy writer and copy editor



After successfully completing my A level studies, I spent a few years working before deciding to study for a degree. I started this blog back in 2012 as a personal project to get me back into the habit of writing before going to university.

Back then, I knew nothing about blogging. Blogging wasn't popular and there wasn't anyone writing about the topics that I was interested in. So I ventured into the unknown and simply wrote about what I knew and loved: health + fitness.

My blog took on the name 'The Blonde Ethos'. Three relatively random works that represented me and my approach to healthy living. After a lifestyle and career change, I decided that, with lots of exciting opportunities ahead, I’m easy to find and that I’m known by my name. That's why you can now find me at nataliejohanna.com and @_nataliejohanna on Twitter and Instagram.

what is cystic fibrosis + how does it affect me?

I'll be writing an in depth article on Cystic Fibrosis and how it affects me soon. But in the meantime, you can browse the 'Fit with CF' section of the site, use the search bar on my homepage and blog pages to find articles where I've spoken about living with CF, or read 'what is CF?' on the Cystic Fibrosis Trust website.


I haven't always been as keen on exercise as I am now. Anyone who was in a P.E. class with me at school would probably be pretty surprised to find out that health + fitness is my number one passion. 

However, I've always loved dance. I took ballet and tap as a toddler, modern and jazz when I was a little older, and then street, commercial and hip hop during my teens. I really enjoyed going to dance-based aerobics classes and taught pole fitness classes for some time. 

Pole fitness made me realise I could improve a lot where my strength was concerned. Around the same time, I dropped into a personal training gym and saw people lifting heavy weights. Immediately, I wanted to give it a go to see what I was capable of. I started with Les Mill Body Pump classes, which I still enjoy and believe are great for building confidence, fitness and basic technique before stepping into the weights room. I've been weight training for years now and the improvements I've seen in my strength, body composition and overall mood is amazing.

While weights-based sessions are at the core of my current training regime, I keep lots of variety too. I still love dance, take a variety of fitness classes including spin, and aim to run often to strengthen my cardiovascular system.

how DO I EAT?

I love eating a diet of nutritious foods. I always have. I was lucky enough to grow up with lots of delicious home-cooked meals. Eating well just makes me feel good. 

Simple ingredients are where it's at. Vegetables, fruit, meats, fish, nuts and seeds, dairy products and eggs, herbs and spices. They contain important stuff that your body needs and can taste amazing. There's really not much more to eating well than incorporating mostly fresh foods and avoiding highly-processed foods most of the time. It's common sense, really.

I believe that we should first and foremost eat for health and incorporate foods that we enjoy into our diets. Like everything, the way that we eat should be sustainable for us long-term.


Yes. I supplement where needed to ensure I am getting the full spectrum of nutrients that my body requires.

Especially as I have CF, I'm always looking for natural solutions to help me optimise my health through a variety of means, such as reducing inflammation, improving gut health, or ensuring good absorption of vitamins and minerals.