hi, I'm natalie.

I'm passionate about creating high-quality content that helps people take a smart approach to fit + healthy living.

I'm fascinated by health, training, nutrition and general self-improvement. I want to share my technical knowledge, honest opinions, and experience with you through all of my articles as well as a variety of other resources.

Sometimes when I get stuck into researching a topic, I find that the information I need simply isn't readily available, or I find such an abundance of information on a topic that it's confusing or daunting to approach. So, one thing that I love to do is create guides to make the important stuff as simple and accessible as possible, for YOU.

You can find these guides, along with some other goodies, by exploring my blog or my signing up for exclusive access to my free resource library - The Lab (you can sign up on the homepage or in the blog side bar).

honesty | integrity | quality | curiosity | authenticity


I'm Natalie, 'the blonde', and I'm based in London, UK. I'm on a mission to better my body from the inside, out.

I'm passionate about researching health, fitness and nutrition and sharing high-quality, technical articles based on science.

Currently, I work full-time in marketing for global sport and fitness brands, having achieved a first class degree in marketing.

I'm keen to gain further qualifications in the fields of fitness and nutrition, to validate and extend the knowledge that I'm constantly acquiring.


After successfully completing my A level studies, I spent a few years gaining some valuable work experience before deciding to study for a degree. I started this blog over three years ago as a personal project to get me back into the habit of writing before going to university.

At the time I knew nothing about blogging, so it's amazing to have learnt and experienced so much as a result of writing The Blonde Ethos. I've met so many inspiring people and made some wonderful friends.

My Training

I haven't always been as keen on exercise as I am now; I hated school P.E. classes and couldn't even leap frog! 

However, I've always loved dance. I took ballet and tap as a toddler, modern and jazz when I was a little older, and then street, commercial and hip hop during my teens. I really enjoyed going to dance-based aerobics classes and taught pole fitness classes for some time. 

Pole fitness made me realise I could improve a lot where my strength was concerned. Around the same time, I dropped into a personal training gym and saw people lifting heavy weights. Immediately, I wanted to give it a go to see what I was capable of; I love a challenge!

I've been weight training a little over 18 months now and the improvements I've seen in my strength, body composition and overall mood is amazing. I'm also fascinated by anatomy and physiology and have found weight training has enabled me to learn more about it.

While weights-based sessions are at the core of my current training regime, I keep lots of variety too. I still love dance and I'm always on the look out for exciting new fitness classes. 

My Nutrition

I love eating a diet of whole, nutritious foods. Simple. I try to avoid processed 'foods' day-to-day, but I can't deny my love of chewy candy!

I also take a variety of nutritional supplements that I believe really benefit my overall health. 


Finally, something that I don't often talk about is that I have a genetic condition called Cystic Fibrosis. Despite being the most common inherited disorder in the UK and US, it doesn't have a cure and lots of people aren't aware of what it is. (If this is you, read more here).

In a way I'm lucky to be as healthy as I am, but it's only because I've worked hard for it. I've always had to put in more effort than everyone else I know in order to keep healthy and I'll have to continue to earn my health every day for the rest of my life. No excuses. Don't take your health for granted!


When it comes to being your best self, there are lots of things that are really important to consider, but what is enduring to me throughout everything is the importance of passionate curiosity.



I'm always competitive with myself. I always try to push myself a little bit harder to find out what my body is capable of. It would be such a shame to never know!


There are so many things that have an impact on your health and wellbeing, from exercise to nutrition, stress to sleep, the list is endless. Being educated and able to take control of the things that affect your body is really empowering.

All of my recommendations are research- and experience-based. There are so many fads, myths and misconceptions (and too many people fuelling them!) where health and fitness is concerned, and I'm determined to break through that noise.


Remember that knowledge alone doesn't get results; it also takes hard-work and dedication, but it's so worth it! I believe in balance, moderation and sustainability. I believe that you should take your life seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously. You only get one body to live in; look after it and love it!