Beauty must-have #1: Coconut Oil

Must-have body moisturiser: Pure COCONUT OIL. I tend to buy mine from Holland and Barratt.

This is one of those things that I will preach about to anyone that even so much as mentions a body product. It just makes so much sense!

After a shower I'll take a scoop from the tub and slather on. It absorbs easily, smells divine and keeps my skin incredibly soft. I will always buy pure coconut oil so as to avoid any nasties.

It has been claimed that 'the average woman is putting some 250 chemicals on her skin every day'. Not only is this unnecessary, it is slowly coming to light that this is dangerous.

The coconut oil that I use, I will even cook with on occasion, (Its particularly great for adding a more authentic flavour to curries and stir fries). If I wouldn't put it in my mouth, why put it in my body via any other route?

There are many other benefits to using coconut oil which you can check out here:

I would urge anyone to give this a go. In one way or another (in cooking, as a massage oil, as a hair treatment...) - it's fantastic!

N xoxo.