100% luxury: Neom Organic candles

I have just had the most amazing experience and I couldn't NOT share it with as many people as possible...

I've been a loyal fan of Neom products for a while now, they are just so luxurious and so different from anything I have found before. What initially drew me to their beautiful products was their inspirational philosophy. I'm really keen to try and avoid pumping my body full of nasty chemicals whenever I can and it was refreshing to discover a successful brand educating people on the dangers of synthetic and harsh ingredients but still promoting an indulgent bit of pampering. We all need some of that that once in a while!

So back to this evening... Having had quite a busy and stressful week (already!) I decided to light my Complete Bliss candle to give myself a little boost. I left the candle to burn evenly and blew it out before leaving my room feeling elevated. On returning to my room later, the smell of roses was STILL lingering; it smelt very pure and fresh and was a FURTHER feel-good lift. I'm a very happy girly.

This particular scent is Moroccan Blush Rose with a hint of black pepper and lime.

All scents that go into Neom candles are from pure essential oils which also makes them a very effective holistic treatment candle, used in many spas.

Not only are the fragrances natural and pure but the wax is vegetable wax. This means that they burn cleanly - no black soot or pollutants.

This is especially good for me as I have a lung condition. These are the only candles that I will use and why should anyone else settle for any less just because they don't have to?

And again, because the ingredients are so pure, once the flames are out and the wax has started to cool, I tend to use it as a hand treatment. This means that the lovely scent lingers even longer!

This candle is a 3 wick candle. It needs to be burnt for a minimum of 2 hours at a time to ensure that it burns evenly. It means that the wax isn't wasted and the candle maintains its 50 hour burn time. I also have a series of single wick candles which are great for dotting around the bath or taking on trips. These have a burn time of about 20 hours.

The 3-wick candles are quite pricey at £39.50 each but, in my opinion, really worth it given that they are such high quality and long lasting. I'm reluctant to compare them to any other candles as I feel like they serve a different, and far superior, purpose. The single wick candles are just £15.00 each which is great if you're travelling or experimenting to find your favourite fragrance.

If you're undecided as to which fragrance to go for, try the

Perfect Scent Challenge

on the Neom website. They're also offering 15% off for giving this a go!

My other favourite scents are Real Luxury (great accompaniment for a relaxing bath) and Serenity (a lovely warm scent that I especially like to burn at Christmas).

You can also buy metal candle caps to help preserve the candles. They are great to sit over the candle to protect it from dust and grime while it's not in use, they're a great snuffer (although I tend to snuff and then let the smoke escape before replacing so that the candle doens't get infused with a smokey scent) and they also make an attractive base for the candle to stand in while in use.

Give these candles a go. I really cannot recommend them enough - could you tell?! ^.^

Pamper yourselves ladies!

N xoxo.