Reduce The Bounce: Why You Need A Sports Bra

I so often see people in my dance and aerobics classes constantly adjusting their little strappy bras and wonder whether they even know that sports bras are really quite important. And for all of the people that know that they 'probably should be wearing one', I wonder how many actually know why...

"Wearing a sports bra while you exercise reduces breast movement, delaying long term sagging and reducing breast pain. It doesn't matter if your cup size is big or small; all breasts lose their shape due to there being no muscles in the breasts. Only the skin and the Coopers ligaments support breast tissue. Once ligaments have been stretched beyond their limit, as a result of breast movement during exercise, no amount of toning exercises can restore them." - Sweaty Betty

Bra Guide.

I personally tend to go for compression style sports bras. These work by essentially squashing your boobs to your chest to reduce movement. I like these best mainly for aesthetic reasons. I like that they look more like a crop top; smooth, a nice shape, and especially where Sweaty Betty are involved, available in a great range of colours.

This is my new flamingo pink

All Sports Bra

 from Sweaty Betty.

There are no seams or annoying labels on this bra and I love the racerback. It isn't the most supportive bra but it's very comfortable for Pilates and good for lower-impact sports such as Spinning and resistance training. Because I love the style so much, I have also worn it for dance classes but over the top of an underwired T-shirt bra for optimum support and to give a better shape.

It doesn't come cheap at £28.00 but I think that the knowledge and service provided by Sweaty Betty goes some way towards justifying the price.

It felt like a real treat to by this and carry it around in a lovely bag and unwrap it when I got home.

I also signed up for the Sweaty Betty newsletters and got a glossy pink membership card and some information on free classes that are put on at my local branch in Cambridge.

I'd love to try some more Sweaty Betty products but that may require a little bit of saving.

My other favourite sports bra is my trusty Nike one.

Remember to change your sports bra regularly too - anywhere between 3 months and a year depending on how frequently you wear it.

N xoxo.