Strong Is The New Skinny

Strong is the New Skinny
Strong is the New Skinny

I've seen this photo a couple of times now and each time, I have found it really genuinely motivating and so just wanted to share it.

When I say I'm inspired by the slogan "Strong is the new skinny", I'm not talking body builder here; I don't want to look like a bronze statue and out of proportion. I'm talking definition, tone and refined curves. I have to say, that I would probably be a little offended if someone called me


. To me, this word has connotations of being unfit, under-nourished and even poorly. I want to be slim, in-shape and feminine.

I did my first performance with my current dance group nearly 3 years ago now and at that point, I was several kilos lighter but not 100% happy with my body. Yes, I could fit into a great pair of skinny jeans but I didn't have a lot of confidence to wear with them. When I was dancing, I felt like I couldn't put enough real strength behind it to execute the choreography how I wanted to. I didn't feel very sexy - more like a jumble of flailing limbs.

Now, at 5'6" and hovering around the 62 kilo mark (that's about 9st 10lbs) I can honestly say this is the happiest I've ever been with my body. Especially since I've started Pole Fitness, my body shape has changed and I've undoubtedly become stronger. 


is our biggest ever dance production. At this point I have constant butterflies in my tummy. I'm so excited - I remember that the buzz I had after the performance last year lasted a good week. Nerves are definitely building now though.

When the show is over, I hope that I can maintain the enthusiasm that I have now to be in great physical shape. Staying fit is of paramount importance to me anyway to maintain good health but knowing that you're putting yourself under a spotlight in front of hundreds of people is very much a different kind of push. I think in the past few months, that push has definitely been to achieve a BETTER body rather than to just maintain a GOOD one.

After this show I will definitely be joining the gym and stepping up my resistance training and other kinds of cardio such as spinning. I'd like to work on building up other kinds of fitness; I could dance all day but could hardly run a mile. I've never been too into running but I will definitely be jumping on the treadmill and cross-trainer.

Skinny is not Sexy. Health is.
Skinny is not Sexy. Health is.

I don't even own a set of scales. The only time I'm weighed is at a doctors appointment. If I want to tell if my body is changing, I measure it: waist, hips, arm, thigh. Remember that being healthy and getting in shape is not always about losing weight. Muscle weighs much more than fat and actually, the more muscle you have, the higher your daily calorie expenditure will be.

I will do some more fitness inspired posts after the chaos of this week is over. This afternoon I will be getting sprayed brown and smelling of biscuits as well as trying out some gel polish for the first time. I'll keep you updated!

N xoxo.