Next Stop: Barcelona

I am


excited to announce that I have booked flights and a hotel for a trip to Barcelona. My boyfriend and I will be heading there for 4 days at the beginning of September and I am already finding it hard to contain my excitement.

As we are flying with a budget airline and only taking hand luggage (if this is a BIG mistake can somebody please tell me


), I can't afford to waste valuable space. Therefore, instead of investing in a guide book, I'm hoping that I can find all the information that I will need from the internet and from you, my wonderful readers and fellow bloggers.

There are some things that I 100% know that I will want to do when in Barcelona.

1. Experience

Gaudi's Barcelona

. I'm probably most excited about seeing La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo and La Padrera.


Las Ramblas



La Boqueria Market


4. Explore the

Gothic Quarter


5. Hit the



The above are, I think, pretty straight forward.

However, there are some other things I definitely want to enjoy but will need a bit of guidance...


Sipping cocktails

. Are there any specific bars that should not be missed? Perhaps somewhere has a must-try signature cocktail or an amazing view?


Eating amazing food

. I will probably be filling my tummy mostly with Tapas and fresh seafood and while I know that there will be an abundance of restaurant and cafes everywhere, are there any that really stand out in terms of quality/service/value for money?


A spot of shopping

. Other than an inevitable trip to Zara, I would like to find some lovely shops and markets.


Salvador Dali Museum

. I have heard that this is quite a way out of Barcelona but perhaps you have been there or know someone that has and can let me know if it's worth the trip?



. Are there any areas/streets that should not (or perhaps should!) be avoided?



. Any suggestions of where to head after dinner would be much appreciated.

If anyone can answer any of my queries or recommend any blogs that feature a trip to Barcelona, I would love to read them!

Thank you lovelies!