My Face: Skin Profile

You may have picked up, from previous posts, on the fact that I don't have the easiest complexion to manage. This summer I have been having problems with my skin 'changing' and I have struggled to find suitable skincare products to use. I thought it might be useful to create my skin profile, not only to log any changes in my skin, but so that you, lovely readers, can understand, make suggestions and most importantly put into context the products and treatments that I may post about.

Earlier this month, I went to John Lewis on a mission to find some new skincare products. I noticed that the Elemis counter was equipt with a facial scanner machine and so I spoke to one of the Elemis girls about having a complexion analysis. Here are my results:

This is a photograph taken of the printout which I was provided with. Although it isn't particularly clear in this relatively small image, you can see that there were two photos taken and analysed; one regular photo and one UV. It confirms that I have several 'spots' which includes both blemishes and freckles/imperfections. It also shows that I have no signs of wrinkles (yay!) but I do have slightly visable pores. The porphyrins image shows evidence of bacteria in pores. My porphyrins score wasn't too high and was mainly concentrated around my nose where I have more visable pores and blackheads (ew).

The two images which I have found most informative are Texture and UV Spots.

This image highlights dry areas (blue) and oily areas (yellow), suggesting that my skin type is very much 'combination'. In fact, more so than I thought. I knew that my skin had become more 'shiny' over the summer months but my focus on that meant that I had overlooked the areas of dryness. This oily/dry combination explains why my skincare products have been less effective and why my moisturiser in particular, hasn't been absorbing properly. It has made me realise the importance of finding a good exfoliator/peel.

Despite being reassured by my Elemis consultant that most peoples' scores will be in the hundreds, I was surprised that my UV spots score was this high. Although my foundation has an SPF in, I have also been looking for a moisturiser containing an SPF and this has certainly made me more determined to find a good one! What I found most shocking and what I want to draw most attention to is what appears to be a lot of UV damage under my eyes. This is the area where I usually use an alternative cover-up to my regular SPF foundation and where I tend to apply eye cream rather than an SPF lotion, therefore leaving this area unprotected from damaging rays. This is probably why the dark circles under my eyes have more of a brown hue caused by this kind of pigmentation. Especially as this is the area of your face which shows most visable signs of aging, don't neglect that eye area!

After completing this scan, I was recommended some products which I took away in sample form and have been experimenting with. I will try to touch a little more on these in another post.

Since having this scan done, I have been using a prescibed spot gel which does seem to have reduced the number of blemishes I have as well as the redness of said blemishes. It did dry my skin out a little at first though.

It's also worth noting in this skin profile that my skin tone is fair with yellow undertones (I use Bare Minerals foundation colour 'golden fair').

My eye colour is blue and my eyelashes are fairly light and are lacking in length and curviness.

I hope this helps to give you a background into my skin type. It's definitely worth having one of these complexion analysis reports constructed if you are able to. It has helped to give me some peace of mind and point me in the right direction in terms of looking for new products.

Do you have a similar skin type to me? What are your biggest skin problems and your favourite skin-fixing products?