Magazine Stacks

I am a bit of a magazine hoarder. I have a massive stack which serves, at the moment, as a hip-height bedside unit. I never read these magazines any more and this glossy white pile has had no new editions since January 2012. I have to admit, I never have the chance to dig in and flick through old editions so all of these have been unread for a long time.

In this massive stack of Elle magazines, there are lots of special-cover subscriber issues, an issue bought in Hong Kong, and a limited edition, 1 of 100, issue from May 2010.

There are also 3 or 4 Vogue issues in this bundle.

The oldest Elle magazine is from February 2007 while the oldest Vogue dates back to December 2006.

Is it time that I got rid of these? If so, what do I do with them ladies? Car-boot? Ebay? Recycling bank?

Not only do I have a massive stack of high-fashion magazines, I have a whole new stack emerging, full of Marie Claire, Company, Zest, Glamour and Instyle issues (the small stack below is only about half of them).

I would love to know what you all do with your magazines. Do you keep them? Store them? Chuck them? 

If you have any storage ideas or have seen some interesting magazine-influenced blog posts elsewhere, please please drop a link below as I would love to have a peek!