Origins Have a Nice Day Lotion

Whenever my daily moisturiser runs out or becomes unsuitable, I panic. It is a very long and stressful ordeal to find a moisturiser with which I am satisfied. When my skin type unpredictably seemed to change overnight this summer, I decided to start my hunt for some new skincare products.

My main specifications were that it was suitable for combination skin and contained natural ingredients and an SPF.

At this time, I knew very little about Origins products but soon found out that they produce high quality products with natural, scientifically proven ingredients and also have a commitment to protecting the planet. Sounds pretty good, right?

On the advice of an Origins sales advisor, I have sampled the Have a Nice Day lotion a couple of times. I really enjoyed using it but it has taken me a while to commit to making a purchase, probably because of the price. At £32.00, this is at least twice the price of any face cream that I have purchased before.

This moisturiser contains SPF15 which is especially important to me at the moment as one of my prescribed skin treatments can cause sun sensitivity. It is a light formula, perfect for my combination skin and I find that this product goes quite a long way, it only takes a couple of pea sized amounts to cover my whole face easily. I am slightly worried that as the weather becomes harsher, this formulation won't be heavy enough to protect my skin, but for now, it is perfect. It has a fresh, sweet scent of oranges which I love.

Unfortunately, I am not keen on the packaging of this product. While it looks perfectly nice, I have so far found it very poorly designed. The bottle itself is very thick plastic making it impossible to squeeze to help to dispense the lotion. Also, because of the pebble-shaped screw-cap, it is impossible to balance upside down to coax the lotion towards the opening, which I imagine will become increasingly frustrating as the bottle gets emptier. I have a feeling that quite a bit of this product will be wasted in the bottle and that with alternative lighter, simpler packaging, the product may have been slightly cheaper too.

Although I really like the product, I am already doubting that I will repurchase it because of the inconveniently designed bottle. My alternative would have been to opt for the pot of product but I am always concerned that with a tub, the product can easily be contaminated, and with such problem skin already, this is something which I really don't want to risk.

This is definitely the perfect moisturiser for the summer months whatever your skin type but I would particularly recommend this lotion for combination skin.