An Early Morning Re-Programme + Abs Abs Abs

New Fitness Programme Ab Routine
New Fitness Programme Ab Routine

You may remember that on Saturday, I felt so much better after hitting the gym that I booked myself onto an early morning (okay, 8.30am may not be early for some people, but it is for me!), one-to-one session with one of the trainers in order to give my workout programme a bit of an overhaul.

My previous programme ended up being pretty long once all of my exercises were included and it just wasn't realistic. While I used my common sense to cut down the programme on days that I was a little short on time, it was usually the same exercises that I would cut out. I'd tend to stick to leg presses, adductor and abductor exercises because I knew I'd see (and feel!) results. Who wouldn't want a nice pert bum?! In favour of these, I neglected exercises like chest presses and arm exercises as I never saw their benefits as quickly. In hindsight, that gives me even more reason to persist with them.

So, as well as switching or tweaking some of my existing exercises, my trainer split this massive programme into two workout plans; upper body concentrated and lower body concentrated. Both workouts incorporate a chunk of cardio exercise as this is really important to me. However, one workout progresses onto the likes of tricep dips and press-ups while the other includes dumbbell squats and lunges (in the boy's muscle corner - scary!). Having two separate routines will definitely encourage me to make use of the gym twice a week, every week.

One thing which remains the same in both programmes is the ab and core routine which I'm excited to share with you!

+ Leg lifts - 3 x 10 reps

- 1st set - add 15 second hold

- 2nd set - jacknifes (arms above head and raise upper body to bring fingers to toes)

- 3rd set - add 15 second hold

+ Twist superset - 2 sets

- 1st exercise - straight arm twist with 5kg dumbbell x 12 reps (slow)

- 2nd exercise - bicycle twist with 5kg dumbbel x 30 seconds

+ Full sit-ups

- As many as possible in a minute (building up to 2 minutes)

The only downside to going was negotiating the ice rink-esque car park - take extra care if you're out on the roads today lovelies!