Exercise is the Best Medicine


I was not feeling at all motivated today. I felt tired, lethargic and lazy, most likely because of the chilly gloom outside. When my boyfriend asked me what I wanted to do today, I replied honestly. 'Hibernate'.

I knew that I needed to get my ass in the gym today and so as soon as I dragged myself out of bed, I got dressed in my gym gear straight away as an attempt to put myself in the right frame of mind. Clearly, that didn't do the trick but eventually I stopped mooching about (after crying over the final ever episodes of Fringe) and went downstairs (on my bottom, mind you) and headed out to the gym.

Once I had fresh air in my lungs, however frosty, I felt much more awake. I worked harder at the gym than I have in a while as it had taken me so long and so much will power to get there, I knew that I should damn well make it worthwhile!

+ 6 minute warm up on the exercise bike against high resistance

+ 15 minute interval training on the treadmill

+ 3 x 10 rep sets on adductor and abductor machines

+ 4 (hard!) minutes on the Top Excite 'arm bike'

+ 5 minutes on the wave machine

+ Ab work including reverse crunches, leg lifts, crunches, russian twists and plank variations

+ Lots of lovely stretches

And you know what? It felt fantastic!! So fantastic in fact, that I booked myself onto a one-on-one session and fitness assessment on Tuesday morning. At 8.30am. I'm not a morning person at all - what was I thinking?!