My White Teeth Trick

I just wanted to share with you a quick tip that I have made habit recently. While I don't drink tea, coffee or red wine and still order hot chocolate with extra marshmallows when I go for a 'coffee' with the girls (very sophisticated), I do find myself sipping potentially teeth-staining bevvies. I am a huge fan of blackcurrant squash and have been ever since I was little. I drink it cold in summer, hot in winter and I love it. I know that it is quite sugary and being deeply coloured, it is not conducive to a white smile. I don't have naturally sparkly white teeth and have looked into having my teeth professionally whitened quite a few times. However, I can't bring myself to part with however many hundreds of pounds it would cost to get it done professionally, even though I'm sure that I wouldn't regret it, and I am even less likely to go down the quick-fix laser whitening route and risk making my teeth hyper-sensitive. So, while I gradually fill up my piggy bank, I am using a straw to slurp all coloured and sugary drinks. Although this won't actively whiten my teeth, it will at least stop them staining. So far, I'm quite enjoying the novelty of my neon-coloured straws!

I'd love to know if you have tried any professional (or non-professional) whitening techniques for your toothies!