My Zumba Experiences + Why NOT to be Put-off by a Bad Exercise Session

I make no point of hiding how much I


 to dance so I have been Zumba-ing on and off for a while now. I started by going to a session at a nightclub really local to me as I may have mentioned before. It was great value at only £3.00 per class and was a huge amount of fun but unfortunately, it was run on a Friday night which was often a bit tricky for me to attend due to other commitments. Even more unfortunately, that class is no longer running.

Last week, I tried out a Zumba class at my local leisure centre, which was essentially free as the cost of the class was covered by my membership. However, it was


 like the classes that I am used to. It was much slower paced and the instructor pretty much admitted that she can't dance. While I know that this isn't essential for aerobics classes, I feel that Zumba requires a little more fluidity and the ability to execute the standout moves around which the classes were based. Half the time, I couldn't tell whether I should have been shimmying or pretending to wash my hair - it was far too robotic.

The class which I used to attend was high-energy and included lots of motivating songs by the likes of Pitbull and Shakira as well as lots of hip movement, booty shaking, clapping and shimmying which was so much fun and it makes you feel much more sexy than just plodding back and forth through a studio! It wasn't just good fun - I was always breathing hard but did not for a second


 to take a break or lower the impact.

Anyway, the point I really want to make here is that I am going to continue to try different Zumba classes until I find one that I am more comfortable with because all instructors have different teaching techniques, even for the same session. This doesn't only apply to Zumba. I have found this to be the case with lots of other classes from Jazzercise to Spinning as well! So at this time of year when a lot of people are kickstarting a more active lifestyle, it's important to remember not to be put off by a class straight away (especially one that you may have initially been excited about trying) because, especially within a leisure centre, it may be taught by several different instructors. It is worth checking at reception who teaches each class, especially if you find someone that you do or do not particularly click with.

For now, I think I will stick to a bit of wii Zumba in my living room! Have you had any exceptionally good or bad fitness experiences?