What's in my Gym Bag?

I really enjoy reading other people's 'What's in my Bag' posts and have been keen to do my own for quite some time. It's also a great opportunity to have a good tidy out of all those gum wrappers, crumpled receipts and random pen tops that seem to make a nest at the bottom of our bags.

As it's that time of year when a lot of people are resolving to eat healthier and workout more, I thought I'd share what I keep in my gym bag to (hopefully) inspire people to consider getting active!

My bag is full of lots of little bits and pieces that I find handy when I'm exercising.

+ Group exercise class schedule for my leisure centre

+ Zumba class card

+ Urban Street Dance class card

+ Lee Stafford body spray (I'm not amazingly keen on this and dislike aerosols in general hence it has been demoted to my gym bag for emergency use only. I always use a really good roll-on deodorant before I head to the gym)

+ Pink towel

+ Bottle of water to keep well hydrated (I have just ordered a reusable Nike bottle in an attempt to be kinder to the environment)

+ Livestrong wristband

+ Black hotpants (an extra layer to maintain my modesty when wearing shorts to workout in warm weather or during pole fitness classes)

+ Comb

+ Hair ties

+ Hair grips

+ Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish miniatures (to get rid of nasty toxins that I've managed to sweat out)

+ iPod

+ 2 pairs of headphones (just in case!)

+ Pens

+ Plasters

+ Eye covers (from when I used to have the odd sun bed before classes)

+ Spare change

+ Keys including a coin sized piece for lockers

+ Lip balm (I always keep a lip balm in my bag and rotate them quite regularly. This one is a Models Own bubblegum balm)

+ Technogym gym key (to store all of my exercise data)

+ Active leisure membership card

+ Occasionally I will take a nutritional shake drink or a snack with me for when I have finished working out.

I'd also really like to get a bottle of hand sanitiser to pop into my bag. Is there anything else that I have forgotten?

I hope you found this interesting! I love to have a good nosey into people's bags so please leave a link in the comments section below if you have written or read a great 'What's in my Gym/Handbag' post!