Working Out 7 Days a Week + The Skinny Confidential

This week I discovered a gorgeous blog -

The Skinny Confidential

As you will know, as well as beauty, I have a huge interest in health and fitness. However, there aren't many fitness blogs out there (at least none that are easy to find) which tickle my fancy! 

If you have found any, please pop a link (or several) in my comments section below!

The Skinny Confidential is

so pretty

and has a wide range of content which is updated nearly every day so I recommend checking it out to any and everyone. Lauryn Evarts has a body to die for and her awesome photography is definitely great fitspiration.

I love Lauryn's way of thinking and the fact that she tells herself that she is going to work out seven days a week. Typically, she says she will end up working out 5 or 6 days a week but I agree that every day is a good aim as you never know what part of your life may decide to interrupt or what friend might call you to go for a drink!

So, adopting this way of thinking, I have just booked onto a bunch of fitness classes this week. I find that if I actively plan a specific time to visit the fitness suite or book onto a class at my leisure centre I am much more likely to go than just saying "I'll go sometime Friday", or whatever. A couple of the classes are going to be completely new to me and I have booked them for Saturday and Sunday mornings to force me out of bed, killing 2 new years resolution birdies with one stone!

Although I don't think I will manage seven workouts in the next week because of other commitments, I don't think that my plan for this week is too shabby:

Tuesday: Pole Fitness

Thursday: Spinning

Saturday: CXWORX

Sunday: Body Attack

Monday: Dance

And perhaps I will manage to squeeze in a little time in the fitness suite too.

With all this working out I may have to treat myself to a new pair of trainers....