Spinning Class Survival Tips

I had an awesome spin class tonight so I thought I'd write a quick post to encourage you to try one of my favourite workouts. It seems that a lot of people feel quite intimidated by Spinning so I'm keen to share some tips to ease you in and make it more enjoyable!

My spinning essentials:

+ A bottle of water... it goes without saying that it's important to slurp away as and when you need to.

+ A towel or two... you may want to throw one over your handlebars to combat sweaty, slippy palms!

+ Relatively tight trackies... to avoid getting caught on the pedals. Yoga pants are perfect.

+ Trainers which aren't too chunky... to ensure they fit comfortably in the pedal foot holds.

+ First thing's first: bikes are not scary pieces of equipment but when it is your first time attending, you may need a helping hand to work out at which height you need to set your seat or handle bars. All of the instructors that I have had experience with have been especially helpful but sometimes you just need to mention to them that you would like some advice as it's your first time. Believe me, they'd rather cover their asses and make sure you're safe and comfortable! I recommend that all you girlies set the handle bars higher than your seat.

+ Secondly, don't be intimated by the people in lycra at the front of the class. They are there because they enjoy it, not because they want to try and out-cycle you (if that's even possible on a stationary bike...)

+ A bit of '90s house music goes a long way. My favourite instructors choose great music with a good beat to cycle in time to. Cycling to the beat is great motivation to maintain a good pace throughout the class.

+ If you are struggling to stick to that pace, up your resistance as sometimes, you will find your legs running away from you. Particularly when you are standing, increase your resistance to avoid 'bouncy knees'.

+ Also, when slowing the bike, use your resistance knob instead of your legs to avoid putting too much pressure through your joints etc.

+ Finally, be prepared to sweat. A lot. I have seen people create puddles of sweat on the floor beneath them. Really. For this reason, I always use anti-bac wipes (luckily, my gym provide these) to wipe my bike down before, as well as after use.

I hope these tips are helpful. I can't believe how much I am enjoying these classes at the moment. I have always been used to very dynamic and varied dance-based classes so for a static sport to hold my attention for 45 minutes is saying something!

Please let me know if you have any tips of your own to share! I'd love to see some comments below.