International Fitness Showcase 2013

You probably know by now that I have been so excited to attend my second International Fitness Showcase in the north of England for a while now. Well, the weekend has come and gone already and it was absolutely killer! I loved every moment of it.

Apologies for the grainy iPhone photos and for the fact that I am looking gros without any makeup on.


+ Exhilarate Live! - Zumba class

This was a super-fun, high-intensity, heavily-choreographed Zumba session with Zumba instructors who have presented all over the world.

+ Funk U! - Dance class with Nikkie Riozzi

All dance classes took place on the main stage of the massive Opera House which was amazing and the atmosphere was incredible. This was one of my favourite classes of the weekend, learning a routine of 80s-90s hip hop/funk.

+ Bokwa Fitness

My first ever Bokwa session and I loved it! I found it quite hard to follow at first as it doesn't work to counts of 8 within the music; it's much freer. I'd love to try it in a gym environment to see how a regular class would be structured. I started the session wearing the same Converse that I had on for dance, but as there was lots of bouncing, I quickly changed to my new Nikes as they are so amazingly supportive. Love them.

+ Pole Dance Choreography

As I've already had a few years of pole fitness experience, this was a really simple class but it was great fun.

+ Fast & Furious Funk - Dance class with Richard Callender

You might recognise Richard from TV programmes such as Britain's Biggest Loser or from choreographing and presenting fitness DVDs with various celebrities, but what you may not know is that he is an incredible dance instructor too. This class was amaaaazing.

+ Video Dance - Dance class with Anastasia Alexandridi

This class was originally supposed to be taken by Tony Stone (who has choreographed everyone from Beyonce to Justin Timberlake) so I was upset that he couldn't make it to the event but Anastasia's sassy routine was to die for! It was also the reason I couldn't move my neck for the next three days...


+ Tag Team Funksters - Dance class with Nikkie Riozzi and Richard Callender (photo above)

My two favourite instructors! This class was fantastic even though it was super-early and I was really fuzzy-headed from Friday's workouts!

+ Colours of Life - Spinning presented by Sandro Morelli

I am so into my spin classes at the moment so this was awesome. I had to be careful not to go too flat-out and leave no energy for the rest of the day though!

+ Bring Da Beat Back - Dance class with Richard Callender

Another amazing dance class. This one took more of a lyrical hip-hop direction which was great. I loved the variety I got this weekend.

+ Pole Fitness Drills

This was definitely in my top 3 classes this weekend. Abdominal crunches hanging from the pole, inverts, climbs and squats; this was a killer toning workout and I loved it!

I didn't quite make it to all of the classes on Saturday (Ariel Yoga was fully booked - boooo!), and I only took one on Sunday as I was so sore! Every muscle in my body was screaming at me and as the final day was mainly dance classes, I was useless; stiff is definitely not sexy. Despite that, it was great to sit out and just watch some amazing choreography. Unfortunately, we also had to drive home early as the snow was pretty bad over the weekend and I couldn't stand the thought of another night without my comfy bed!