My Fitness Weekend Snack-Pack

I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of the snacks that will keep me fuelled over the weekend. As I'll be staying in a Travelodge from Thursday to Sunday, I know I will find it hard to eat healthily with no access to a fridge or any cooking appliances. For this reason, I have tried to keep my snack-pack as healthy and full of goodness and energy as possible.

+ Nuts, nuts and more nuts

I have bags of






(with yummy juicy raisins) to keep me going. Nuts are such a brilliant source of protein and energy that they will undoubtedly be my snack of choice. I've also popped some nice crunchy

peanut butter

in there.

+ Apples

For some freshness and to dip in the peanut butter (

favourite snack



Tomato and Mozzarella Crispbreads

These are wholegrain and organic. Healthy healthy.


Nakd Wholefood Bars

My favourite flavour; cocoa orange. They're one of my five a day and they only contain 5 ingredients which are raw and cold-pressed. Perfection!

+ Fruitus Bars

Made with pomegranate, blueberry, oats and some other fruity bits; all organic ingredients.


Coconut Water

I opted for passionfruit flavour as well as peach and mango flavour. As I'll be getting my sweat on, these will do a great job of rehydrating me with their naturally occurring electrolytes. I have a post on the benefits of drinking coconut water up my sleeve...


Dark Chocolate

You should know by now that I have quite a sweet tooth so I have popped in some little treats but again, I've tried to remain as nutrition-conscious as possible.


Gin-Gins Ginger Candy

These are definitely love them or hate them goodies. I quite like the sweet, spiciness of ginger, plus it's great for aiding digestion!


Fruit Stars

I love gummy sweets. They are just so damn satisfying to chew on! These are made with natural fruit juice and come in 5 little bags to stop me scoffing them all at once!

I've also got some calorie-dense protein-style shakes lined up, some 2l bottles of water, bananas, some popcorn (this is the

best popcorn ever invented

...ever) and Pringles in case of emergencies!

What do you think to my stash of goodies; does anything take your fancy? Have a missed anything important?