Yes, I am Eating Healthy. No, I am not on a 'Diet'

Technically, everyone is on diet. The foods that you regularly eat can be considered your diet. They may be considered healthy or unhealthy, geared towards weight-loss, wheat-free or high-sugar. You may have what is generally considered as a good diet or a bad one. However, it seems that the word 'diet' has become synonymous with weight-loss.

Weight-loss is the last thing that I want. I am really happy with the weight that I am, thank you very much! I would of course like to tone up a bit (beach body,


), but gaining muscle tone will, if anything, mean that I gain a little bit of weight rather than lose it.

I am not 'dieting', nor have I ever 'dieted'. I like to enjoy the food I eat (and boy, do I!), and ensure that it is clean, nutritious and tasty. To many people, this seems to be perceived as dieting. In fact, I am a massive advocate of


 dieting. Although I understand that some people who have big goals need an initially drastic diet change to kick-start their weight-loss perhaps, I still firmly believe that the key to being healthy is about having a balanced diet for the long-term, not just a number of days or weeks.

If you follow me on Instagram, or keep your eye on the Instagram widget on this blog, you may have spotted some of my foodie photos. I am becoming a little insty-obsessed as there are so many accounts sharing yummy foodie pics and fitness motivation so please leave me a comment below if you are one of them or if there are any that you like to recommend!

Happy munching!