Green Super-Smoothie Recipe

We recently got a new blender which is great for smoothie making and I have been experimenting.

This juice is a combination of a few recipes that I have spotted. I was really apprehensive about putting spinach into a smoothie at first, even though it's something that I've seen done often, but it was so tasty! 

When some recipes call for a squeeze of lemon/lime, I will admit that I sometimes forget to buy them, thinking there will usually be one in the fridge already, or I don't see the point in cutting up a massive lemon just for a little squirt, but


 don't forget the lime in this. For me, it really perfected the smoothie 

+ Frozen mango chunks

+ Spinach

+ Green grapes

+ Lime juice

+ Water

I experimented a little with the quantities but as you can see from the image, the amount of mango, grapes and spinach that I used was a little more than a handful each. I added into the blender,

the juice of half a lime, followed by some cold water until the smoothie was the desired thickness. This made a perfectly sized serving.

Pour into a glass and add a straw to slurp away!