Body Assessment + Fitness Goals

Today, I had a one-to-one assessment at my gym. I usually have these every 6-12 weeks to reassess my fitness programme and to track my progress.

As well as tweaking my gym programme, I also had a body composition assessment and have decided to brave posting my results here, for all to see!

I removed my trainers and socks (what a day to have chipped toe-nail polish...oops!) and stepped onto the monitor. As these machines are a rather pricey (a few thousand pounds!), I have been assured that the technology produces a pretty accurate analysis.

I realise that these numbers probably don't make a whole lot of sense to most people, so I'll give you a break down.

Interpreting Body Composition Measurements

+ Weight

Obviously, as it says. I know a lot of people are quite nervous about revealing their weight but I honestly don't mind what the number is, so long as I am healthy and look in good shape!

+ Fat % and Fat Mass

These results show the percentage of total body weight that is fat, and the total weight of that fat mass.

As you can see from the photos, my fat % and mass is at the low end of the desirable range which I am happy with. However, I have previously been closer to 21% so one of my goals is to try and reduce my fat % over the next month or so, to ideally hit 21% by the time that I go on holiday at the end of May... I'm not sure how much of a challenge that is going to be! Apparently it is pretty difficult for women to reach and maintain a fat % of under 21.


The fat free mass is comprised of muscle, bone, tissue, water, and all other fat free mass in the body.

+ Muscle Mass

The actual mass of the muscle throughout my entire body

. I am happy with this result although another of my goals is to increase lean muscle mass

 by increasing my strength training and resistance workouts. 

+ TBW %

This score indicates the 

Total Body Water percentage which is the amount of water retained in the body. Ideally for women, it will sit between 50-60% (men's should be slightly higher). Although my score is fine, I know that I could still afford to drink more water.

+ Bone Mass

This score shows the weight of total bone mass. As I have previously had a bone density scan which 

scored very healthily, I know that this weight is perfect for me.


Basal Metabolic Rate represents 

the minimal amount of energy that your body needs to function at complete rest


+ Visceral Fat Rating

This measures the amount of your fat which is stored in the abdomen, around vital organs. My rating of 1 is the lowest that can be scored, which is fantastic. This rating is generally used to gauge whether a person is at risk of certain diseases which thankfully, I don't seem to be!


Body Mass Index and is a standard height to weight ratio which can often be misleading as it doesn't account for body composition. Therefore, people of an athletic build, with an above average muscle mass, could be shown to be obese for example. Mine sits in the healthy range.

I hope you found this interesting. I love knowing a little of the science behind looking and feeling good and I was really pleased to be told by my trainer that my scores are some of the best that he has seen.


So I've just got to keep it up and hit my goals...

+ Reduce body fat

+ Increase lean muscle mass

Hopefully, this will make me look more toned and improve definition on my tummy!

You can check out my previous workout programme, here, but keep your eyes peeled because I will post a full run-down of my new fitness programme and weekly-schedule very soon!