New Gym Bag Essential: Liquid Chalk - Review


Liquid Chalk

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 is amazing stuff. It caught my eye after I had been looking for a product to help me grip a pole better to execute pole fitness tricks. The ingredients in this 250ml bottle (priced at £4.79) are generally no different to those used in far more expensive yet smaller bottles from other brands.

I find that this liquid chalk has massively improved my ability to grip during pole fitness classes, despite the fact that I don't suffer with obviously 'clammy hands'. I'm also intending to use this chalk when I next head to my local rock climbing centre, for weight lifting and I'm even keen to try using it on my hands during spin class to increase the comfort of my hands on the handle bars.

Keeping this clean, resealable bottle in my gym bag is so much easier than having to carry a crumbly chalk block or a messy chalk bag with me as my boyfriend does for gymnastics and climbing. I'm definitely converting him to this stuff!

To use it, I squeeze a small amount onto my palms and simply rub in until my palms are coated and the chalk is dry. Although I feel that there is no moisture in my hands, I haven't experienced dry skin from using this product at all. It's really simple to wash off with soap and water and I found that any transfer of the chalk onto clothing washes out very easily as well.

I am so glad that I discovered this product. My Protein have a great range of other

training accessories

on their website too, from foam rollers and resistance bands to food intolerance testing kits, all at what I would consider to be reasonable prices! Are there any that you fancy trying out?

I'd love to hear which workouts you have found liquid chalk to help you out with!