Donating Calories for Zumba's Great Calorie Drive + Giveaway Reminder!

This is a reminder that it isn't too late to donate your hard-burned calories to the Zumba Great Calorie Drive or to enter my Zumba giveaway. There's only three days left to enter!

If you haven't yet donated any calories to this fantastic initiative either, it's really simple...

Zumba Mobile App - Great Calorie Drive
Zumba Mobile App - Great Calorie Drive

+ Download the Zumba Fitness App for Apple or Android

+ Either find search for the class that you are already at or use the options to find a class that you would like to attend

+ 'Check in' and donate your calories

+ Zumba will take care of the rest! 

To learn more about The Great Calorie Drive, see my previous post,


, or visit

If you have already taken part, I'd love to know which class you went to. I got involved by going to a regular Zumba class on Monday morning which was the perfect start to the week. Have any of you tried the new Zumba Sentao class which features chair-based choreography? It looks like so much fun!