Back On Track With Clean Eating

Happy Pills Sweet Shop in Barcelona
Happy Pills Sweet Shop in Barcelona

I have always had a super-sweet tooth but this year, at least until I went to America, I was eating really healthily and had managed to curb my candy-cravings by snacking on things like fruits and nuts instead.

While I was on holiday in California, I still ate relatively well for main meals but I over-indulged in my favourite candy (plus I brought about 4 kilos of the stuff back home with me...) and irresistible s'mores. I also found that I was eating more bread than usual because I was having a lot of burgers. Most of the burgers I had were pretty healthy non-greasy-fast-food options (although I'm not denying that I devoured an In-N-Out) but it made me feel pretty bloated and uncomfortable.

When I returned to the UK, I ate healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners as I always have done but I got into the habit of eating


 more sweets than usual and really struggled to get out of it. I wasn't just eating the American candy that I brought back with me, I also managed to get hooked on M&Ms and was literally eating spoonfuls of Nutella straight from the jar. For some reason I thought the last two were justified because they contain 'healthy' nuts. 



Last week I went to Barcelona for a few days and unsurprisingly treated myself to too much candy (though if you have ever been to the Happy Pills stores, pictured above, you may sympathise with me), chocolate milk and lemon Fanta, even though I usually avoid fizzy drinks like the plague. And let's not forget the Sangria...

I also ate lots of bread (my favourite way to eat it is dipped in oil and balsamic and that was everywhere!) which made me feel sluggish as well as giving me a pretty impressive food baby. So I vowed that as soon as I returned home I would get back on track with cleaner eating. And I have!

Since I haven't been filling myself with sugar, I haven't been craving it nearly as much. Just in case though, I have made up some little pots of fruit and jelly to snack on. I am also trying to reduce the amount of gluten-flour products that I eat so am mostly avoiding breads and pastas, although I find rye bread is generally okay and I'm going to try making some spelt pizzas.

It feels so good to be back on track. I am using Instagram (as well as this blog) to try to hold myself accountable for what I eat so feel free to follow my progress - @_nataliejohanna.