My Thoughts on Body Pump 86

So, I am absolutely loving the Body Pump new release. Since it's release I have gone from heading to class once a week, to twice a week and my Body Pump addiction is still growing...

I feel that Body Pump 86 is pretty different from the other releases that I have done and here's why:

+ There's lots of use of the plates without the bar

The triceps routine doesn't make use of the barbell at all, instead it hits the muscles hard with other exercises which include some pretty gruelling tricep dip sets. The chest routine incorporates chest flies and the bar even gets ditched pretty quickly during the lunge track in favour of plates.

I love the option to use plates. I often use dumbells for the shoulder track as my shoulders don't gain strength very quickly and dumbbell weights often increase in smaller increments than the plates. I recently increased my shoulder track weight (it was a long time coming!) and after a couple of weeks, I managed to finally finish the routine without a break or without having to switch down weights. I felt such a sense of achievement and I think that there are lots of opportunities to feel that way with Body Pump classes - that's why I love them!

+ The squat track is super-long

I'm talking six and a half minutes! It's a killer but it feels amazing when you finish the last set with 8 bottom-halves! Not only that, but there are lots of squats in the lunge track (not sure how people are feeling about that...) with some plate presses too.

+ There are cleans without the presses

The back tracks usually incorporate some variation of the clean and press movement but this release also focuses on the clean without the overhead press. I think this is great - it has definitely helped me to focus on my technique and improve form.

+ Hello, hip bridges

While I think hip bridges are great, I'm not sure how I feel about them in this routine. I think I preferred the core track from 85 which was more abs-orientated - I wish my instructors would have done it more often!

I definitely recommend checking out the music tracklist for some workout playlist inspiration (I love track 8) and watching the Latest Release Teaser Video if you aren't familiar with Body Pump classes.

What does everyone else think to this release? If you don't already do Body Pump classes - do you fancy giving it a go?