Horizon - Monitor Me

Did anyone catch this programme on BBC2 on Tuesday? I haven't been so intrigued by a TV show in a long time: this was right up my street.

Horizon - Monitor Me explored the rise of health and fitness-related apps and gadgets and how doctors are starting to prescribe them the way they once prescribed pills. Monitoring our bodies can help us find the optimum path to great health and fitness and is crucial to stopping illness before it strikes. I particularly liked the section focusing on the England Rugby Sevens training (as I'm sure some of you other ladies might!) and how their head of physical performance can monitor his players so closely as to prevent injury. It definitely makes me interested to know what my vitals are when I workout!

I love how this programme captured the importance of understanding your body and showing how lucky we all are that it is so simple and accessible.

If you missed it, I highly  recommend catching it here on iPlayer where it has 18 days left. If you saw it, what were your thoughts? And do you think you hit your recommended daily step count of 10,000 steps a day?!