Why I Love A Workout Cocktail

It's no secret that I love to switch up my workouts. Yes, I may be a total Body Pump addict right now but I love variety to hit keep my body guessing and to reduce workout-boredom! While the mono-fitness approach may work for some people, it definitely isn't for me. I like to blend my workouts to get the most from my body and think it's essential to incorporate elements of aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening and flexibility work. 

Recently, one of my Pump classes was cancelled so I attended my leisure centre's Body Blitz class instead. While there were some similarities between the two, Blitz was edging towards being more of a circuits style class. After that, my hamstrings and back muscles were sore (good sore, FYI) from doing more deadlifts, and with a greater range of motion, than I was used to. This was great as it made me realise which muscles I don't hit regularly enough.

Not only that, but the pace of the class was different from what I was used to and really got my heart rate up. The burpees definitely helped with that too!

On that note, I've also been heading back to the gym for some quick blasts of cardio. While I've been doing spinning classes, a workout in the fitness suite hits me from a different angle. I have been taking exercises which were already on my workout programme from months ago and turning them into shorter, more intense session as the existing programme ends up being too long for me to fit in as it works out to be at least hour and a half including stretching time. Introducing running back into my routine this past week hasn't felt so great for my calves (or time perception! see above) but I know it will do wonders for my cardio fitness.

While writing this I remember that Zest magazine featured an article, "Is it time to ditch 'The One'?", in the August issue which may suggest your workout's perfect pair: 

Yoga + Hiking / Pilates + Spinning / Circuits + Climbing / Running + Ballet / Interval Training + Tennis

It's worth a read if you can get your hands on a copy!

How do you like to keep your workout routines fresh?