Back To University + Squeezing In My Workouts

Tomorrow I officially start year 2 of university. Over the summer I have been juggling a couple of internships, my blog, my social life (and occasional lack there of...) and fitness schedule and so it's going to come as a shock to be back to the text books and trying to fit all of these things in. I'm always up for a challenge but I know that I need to keep a close eye on my stress levels. I still have lots of blog posts planned (there's just so much 'stuff' that I'm dying to share with you all!) so although my posts may become slightly less frequent, please forgive me and be sure to stick around!

All of my lectures and seminars this year are crammed into Mondays and Tuesdays which means that I have plenty of time left to prep for the following week in terms of reading and revising. I'm quite looking forward to being super-organised and staying ahead (ha!).

In terms of food, I am going to try to prep lunches for Mondays and Tuesdays on a Sunday evening so that I'm not tempted to spend my pennies on meal deals or at the cosy free-wifi pub over the road!

As for my workout plan, I am keen to make a kind of previsionary schedule so that I don't slack off. I will definitely need a Body Balance session to keep me feeling relaxed and I'm thinking that Tuesday evening might be good for that. I also want to continue with 1 or 2 Body Pump sessions, CX Worx and a couple of blasts of cardio.

Oooookay... Having just written that down, I realise that sounds maybe a little over-ambitious?

Right now, I can make that work by doing more than one class at a time. I love my Tuesday morning combos of treadmill, CX and Balance but that sadly won't fit into my new timetable so perhaps I need to find some new combos. I've got to work something out! I'll keep you updated on what I'm doing and how I find that it is working for me.

The last week or so, I have been trying extra-hard to improve my sleep cycle too so if I can get up closer to 8am each day, I can hopefully fit in some morning workouts and have the whole day ahead of me to work work work!

If you have any tips on how to juggle my uni/work with a decent workout schedule, I would really (REALLY!) appreciate them! Thanks beauties :)