Body Composition Analysis No.2

Yesterday I went to my local gym and had a fitness assessment. Unfortunately, some of their equipment was out of action so I was unable to take a VO2 max test but I still benefitted from an insightful talk with one of the trainers and a full body composition analysis. 

To understand what each of the results mean, take a look at my last set of results where I detailed the different measurements a little more. Essentially, my results are very close to last time. There are some slight discrepancies but some of this may be down to the fact that my clothing weight wasn't accounted for as it had been last time. 

As always, I am happy with my weight which tends to fluctuate between 59kg and 61kg. I very rarely weigh myself as it's not a very good indication of much on it's own. I'm not 100% happy with my fat % as this appears to have increased slightly since my last assessment. I will admit, my addiction to Nutella (amongst other goodies!) probably has something to do with this so I am going to try and cut down on my naughty snacking. I'd also still like to increase my muscle mass and will continue to work towards this. Currently, I tend to drink a fairly calorie-dense shake after I workout but I have decided (and my trainer agrees) that I should switch this for a regular protein shake. 

Overall, I am really pleased. Although the numbers don't necessarily show it, I can see a massive difference in my body since my last analysis so I'm going to keep doing what I am doing exercise and nutrition-wise but I'm going to try and ditch the dairy milk in favour of chocolate-flavour protein powder. I'll keep you updated!