Why You Should Dress To Impress At The Gym

When recently asked what my favourite clothing brand was, do you know what I answered? You can probably guess. Not H&M, not Topshop, not even Zara (not that I don't adore them). I said "Nike". For some people, finding a new pair of trainers resembles the bore of being dragged around for new school shoes as a child before the start of term. Not for me. I would have a whole rainbow collection if I could afford them because good-looking, good-fitting workout gear gives me motivation.

Essentially, looking good makes you feel good, right? So stop sweating it out in a faded, oversized tee and your boyfriend's baggy shorts and choose something a little more inspiring. Making the effort to dress to impress (yourself) at the gym helps you feel that that being fit and well is something that you value. Your workout gear should help you feel good about yourself. I feel that dressing the part helps me to train harder.

How do you feel about those floor-to-ceiling mirrors? I think that if gyms insist on having them, you may as well like your reflection. Not only that, but wearing good-fitting workout-wear will help you to see (in those dreaded mirrors) how your body moves. It's much easier to check that your knees are tracking correctly and that you're getting your ass to the grass during those squat sessions when you are flattering your figure in yoga pants rather than swamping yourself in sweats. Similarly, a baggy-tee prevents you perfecting plank positions. I'm also not a huge fan of wearing black to the gym. I know it's supposed to be 'slimming' and 'like a funeral for your fat' but it also swallows your shape. I like to dress light and bright (shades of coral and turquoise are my favourites) so that I can see my body shape and muscle definition clearly; plus it makes me feel more alive seeing as I rarely wear makeup to the gym! I want to see my waist working! Who's with me?!