Impact Whey Protein Review from MyProtein

Following my most recent body composition analysis which showed no increase in my muscle mass despite my training, and my subsequent conversation with a trainer at my gym, I decided to finally order me some protein powder. Because I have previously had fantastic experiences with MyProtein, I headed straight for their bestselling protein powder, Impact Whey Protein  from their muscle and strength range, and grabbed myself a lovely little pink blender bottle too. 

Resistance training (my favourite RT workout is body pump) results in muscle protein turnover. The rate of muscle protein synthesis following exercise is elevated with oral consumption of animo acids, of which Impact Whey Protein has an excellent profile (I have also tried MyProtein BCAA supplements).

I have previously been told that research doesn't show protein supplements to be hugely beneficial but in fact, research is equivocal. While it's true that some studies report minimal or no benefit, some do report positive effects. Results published in the Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism show that protein supplementation combined with resistance training increased lean tissue mass to a greater extent than resistance training alone.

It's also worth noting that this supplement is said to also aid recovery and fat loss. I'll keep you updated on my progress!

MyProtein always have great offers (including discounts and free products) so I highly recommend setting up an account so that you receive email updates - emails from MyProtein are one of the few that I actually bother to open and read before just hitting 'delete'. They also accept nus discount which is great for me and my student budget! 

I have to share with you all how impressed I was with how quickly I received my order. I placed this order (along with another 2.5kg bag for my boyfriend) after 5pm on a Thursday and despite only selecting standard delivery, my order arrived before midday on Friday by courier. Impressive! I was really excited to try this shake as soon as possible and I wasn't disappointed.

I opted for the flavour 'chocolate smooth' and it certainly was (both chocolatey and smooth, that is). The taste was the best that I have come across and the mixability was absolutely amazing! 

If you have tried this, or any other protein supplement before, I'd love to hear your results!