Meet Chloe of Chloe's Pilates

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Chloe, the owner of Chloe's Pilates. Although she has been passionate about fitness for a large part of her life, Chloe had often thought of Pilates as being a little static and limited. That was, she explained to me, until she suffered from back pain and turned to pilates to build her core strength and cure the problem. Chloe then went on to train as a pilates instructor so that she could share her knowledge while enhancing her own understanding and technique. So inspiring!

I was really excited to take a class with Chloe at Lomax in Chelsea, but before I spill the beans on that, I can't wait to share a little more about her. From workout wear to nutrition, she has got gorgeous, healthy living down to a T. She is so charming and a total sweetheart!

What is your ethos, Chloe?

Everything in moderation, and live each day as though it is your last.

When you aren't teaching, what is your weekly workout schedule?

I try and do 2 pilates classes a week (I go to Ten Pilates in Notting Hill), I do weights in the gym and as I teach cardiolates every day at Lomax, that gives me a good cardio workout! I also bike to and from work which helps keep me fit!

During our session you were kitted out in Lorna Jane (the UK’s first pop up store has recently opened just a few minutes walk away), but what are your favourite workout outfits?

Lorna Jane! Everyday I am kitted out in Lorna Jane leggings and tops. I also love some of the Adidas by Stella McCartney leggings.

What is your favorite way to relax and de-stress?

Hanging out with my husband and going out for dinner with friends and family – I love going to restaurants.

I noticed on your Instagram (@chloespilates) that you are a fan of the Honestly Healthy Cookbook (I love this book, but more on that another time). Do follow an alkaline diet and what are your general views on nutrition?

I am a very healthy person and have been all of my life. My parents brought me up on home grown meat and veg (my father is a farmer) so staying healthy is not hard for me as I love it. A lot of my diet is similar to the Honestly Healthy way of eating but I do include dairy, meat and fish in my diet as I need the protein, especially if I am doing a lot of exercise. I also have a BIG sweet tooth. I will always choose to have a pudding over a starter!

What would you eat in an average day (including any supplements)?

First thing I have lemon in water followed by a vital green juice.

Breakfast is normally porridge made with almond milk with some Greek yogurt, seeds (sesame, pumpkin and chia) and blueberries on top.

I take the following supplements after brekkie:

Vitamin C



Ultimate Omega D3

I normally have some kind of snack around 11am, which is anything I can get my hands on but often a healthy energy bar from the Lomax café.

Lunch is normally chicken or fish with salad and couscous or quinoa.

After cardiolates I will have a natural protein shake and I normally have some more fruit with Greek yogurt.

Dinner depends on what my husband wants(!!) but I love a good stir-fry or salmon with brown rice and vegetables followed by some more fruit and yogurt.

What is your favourite healthy snack or quick and easy recipe?

These oat and nut bars I made recently. 

And the naughty treat that you can't resist?


You have amazing skin and gorgeous long hair - how do you look after it? Can you recommend any life-saving products?

Oh thanks! I think a lot of it is down to my healthy diet which is rich in omegas and healthy fats (I eat a LOT of avocado, oils, nuts, oily fish, etc.) and I drink lots of water.

I also use Moroccan oil on my hair, which is amazing, and Dermologica products on my skin, and religiously clean it morning and night.

A few more beauty products that Chloe uses can be found on her lovely blog, here.

Stay tuned to learn more about Chloe as well as how I got on (and all that I learned!) taking one of her amazing classes.

In the meantime, you can follow Chloe on Twitter, @Chloe_Pilates, or find her on Facebook.