MyProtein Tasty Beef Jerky Snacks - Review

Beef Jerky was my snack of choice when in the States; I remember the road trip to the Grand Canyon when I couldn't get enough of Jack Link's Sweet and Hot. Unfortunately, tasty beef jerky isn't as easy to find it the UK. Here's where MyProtein have come to the rescue, yet again.

MyProtein's Beef Jerky* comes in 50g packs which I have found to be the perfect size to keep in a handbag or gym bag. What I also love about the packs is that they are really easy to open. It sounds like such a simple thing, but if you have ever experienced the marathon-task of trying to open a 'tear-open' plastic sachet of shampoo, for example, you will understand my appreciation. I imagine the frustration of attempting to open such a packet would multiply ten-fold if you were hungry.

I've tried (devoured) four different flavours of the beef jerky. I started simple with the classic flavour, which was delicious and so more-ish that I had to resist the temptation of ripping into the rest of the packs in the same sitting! Next up, the smoked flavour. I usually don't like smoked flavours, whether it be meat, fish or in sauces, but I definitely liked this. When I opened the cajun hot flavour, I could see chilli seeds on the pieces of meat. It was pretty spicy and left a heat in my mouth but the flavour was great. Finally, the teriyaki flavour. This one was possibly my favourite. While it still had a slightly spicy kick, it was a little sweeter than the other flavours. 

Overall, I love these. It's worth noting that each pack contains 25g of protein while being low in fat and carbohydrates. At £2.49 per pack, I would say they are fairly reasonably priced. However, between Anthony and I, we could probably get through up to £20-worth a week! When I repurchase (I have a feeling it will be very soon as I am craving it while I write this!), I will probably opt for the Beef Jerky Mixed Pack of ten which will save around 60p per pack.

Remember if you do fancy any goodies from the MyProtein, sign up with Give as you Live and MyProtein will donate up to 5% of the cost of your order to your chosen charity.

Have you tried Beef Jerky before? What flavour would you choose?