Nip+Fab Fitness + Women's Health Magazine Subscription

I recently subscribed to Women's Health magazine and as part of an offer, I received a free set of Nip + Fab Fitness products. Despite having often been attracted to the name, the great branding and the lovely product packaging, I have always been sceptical of the effectiveness of Nip + Fab's products. I don't believe that there are really any lotions and potions that will provide quick fixes to "banish bingo wings" (see Nip + Fab's Upper Arm Fix) and tone tummies (see Nip + Fab's Tummy Fix). For this reason, I hadn't previously tried any of the range.

I believe (know!) that a 'toned' body is the outcome of hard work in the gym. However, I was quite pleased to see that the brand have a fitness range to compliment a good workout! I was excited to test them out and was almost converted...

Post Workout Fix - £9.95

This topical muscle cooling gel is something that I didn't think I would find a use for because if and when I suffer from aching muscles, I find heat an effective way to soothe them. Moreover, if I ever want to cool sore muscles, I don't believe that there is any substitute for a trusty ice pack.

However, when I tried this product, somewhat reluctantly, I realised that it wasn't intended to be an alternative to those things (and certainly shouldn't be, especially in the case of injury!), but was quite refreshing. Using the no-mess, easy-application rollerball, I rolled the liquid onto my quads after a hot post-Body Pump shower and found that the cooling (but not cold), soothing sensation (and refreshing scent) impressively lasted up to an hour!

For the past few months I haven't frequently suffered with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and the accompanying motivation to find something that eases the pain, so I haven't tested this product's ability to lessen such discomfort. I imagine it could do a pretty good job, but I wouldn't recommend purchasing it on the off-chance. However, I look forward to using this product again and will keep you updated with any DOMS-related revelations!

Body Slim Fix - £14.95

This is the product that I was most sceptical of. It is advertised as 'a 2-in-1 moisturiser and toning gel to improve the appearance of body contours'. Of course, the most effective way to improve the body's contours (and not just the 'appearance of') is a great resistance training workout routine.

The ingredients of this product include cocoa butter (used in a wide range of moisturising products), caffeine and Unislim. Caffeine has been shown in some studies (at least one of which tested on rats, not women) to improve the appearance of cellulite. I've been unable to find out the details of Unislim. It would be great if there was a section of the Nip + Fab website that explained the benefits of each active ingredient in more depth.

I found this product to be pleasant to use but didn't see any results that I wouldn't expect from a standard moisturiser. I wouldn't use it as frequently as suggested (twice a day) for an extended period of time as I find that using this much product isn't necessary for my skin, and that my skin can become reliant on a moisturiser that I otherwise wouldn't have needed.

Circulation Fix Body Scrub - £9.95

I have no doubt that massaging in a great body scrub is a good circulation booster, however, I immediately questioned the need for a circulation fix post-workout, given that exercise itself improves blood circulation. The product is said to 'energise' and 'jump-start' the body but personally, I find that a good workout will have already had this affect.

This aside, I actually did like this product as a body scrub. I found that the packaging made the application and distribution of the scrub really easy and I liked the refreshing menthol element. I will definitely continue to use this product.

Overall, I'm still sitting on the fence with this brand. I really want to love the products and would definitely be open to trying some other items, especially some of the the new body blends (the fragrances sound delicious!), but I'm not sold...yet...

However, if you want to give this fitness range a try, I would suggest buying them as a fitness kit to save yourself some money! While you're on the website, I also recommend checking out the Nip + Fab blog.