Ballet Bootcamp with Sweaty Betty and Sleek Technique

So we're now in February (can you believe it?!), which means it's time for Sweaty Betty to launch their first Get Fit 4 Free campaign of 2014. Excited? Me too!

This month's innovative fusion class is Ballet Bootcamp, and I was fortunate enough to take a preview session with the session's creators last week. The class was developed by the founders of Sleek TechniqueVictoria Marr and Flik Swan, who are both ex-professional dancers. The girls have the most phenomenal physiques (I definitely couldn't pull of this little leotard like Flik did!) - tiny, tight and toned with amazing curves and definition. They definitely inspired me to work hard during the session!

The class itself is 45 minutes long although it really did fly by, despite the pain of planks and plies! Ballet-inspired workouts are really on-trend right now, and those than I have tried have been very effective (read: painful). However, this class ditches the barre and fuses the strengthening, sculpting and posture-correcting movements of classical ballet with elements of cardio for a great, and unique, workout. There were even some downward dogs included to enhance flexibility. I loved it!

Having danced most of my life I definitely benefitted from good coordination, but even if you have no dance experience this is a brilliant class. There is very little around-the-room travelling, and some movements are quite repetitive (which makes them super-effective!), giving you plenty of opportunity to pick them up. The only issue that I had was that after my first brutal personal training session the day before, my muscles were burning before I'd even made it through the warm up (oops!). I'm looking forward to some seriously sculpted arms though...

If you want to give the class a go (highly recommend!), book onto a session at your local boutique or take an online class from Wednesday 5th! You can read my thoughts on SB's last GF4F campaign here.