Health + Fitness Rundown

In my January Delights post, I spoke about all the amazing things that I made happen in January. One of those things was getting a personal trainer. For a while, I had been juggling lots of different kinds of workouts and, don't get me wrong - I think workout variety is crucial, I ended up spending a lot of time weighing up my training options rather than just getting stuck into a workout. I was really keen to get more serious with my weight training (even if it meant stepping away from my beloved Body Pump classes for a while) but needed a starting point in terms of knowing what exercises to do, how many sets/reps, and at what weight. And, essentially, I just needed a kick up the butt.

Long story short, here's the training plan I am currently working with:

I'm getting some serious callouses and bruised shoulders but it is so worth it and I'm seeing them as marks of determination. When I was really pushing myself through some of the more difficult interval style training (lateral step overs, I hate you), a woman ventured to the scary weights section to tell me that she thought what I was doing was amazing.

Motivation at it's finest!

The only issues that I have had has been with my gym being ill-equipped. I really like my gym - it's clean, bright, and has a lovely atmosphere - but the gym equipment is mainly cardiovascular or fixed-weight and the free weights section is a bit under-par. I don't want to have to change gyms but the extreme lengths that I had to go to just to be able to deadlift last week were ridiculous. I literally had to beg, borrow and steal equipment from classes to create a very makeshift station and nearly had to resort to using hair pins, gum and rubberbands to hold stuff in place...

Overall though, I'm absolutely loving my workout regime right now.

The thing I'm struggling with most is my nutrition. I find it really hard to pack in enough calories while still trying to eat clean. I've genuinely always been a fan of the taste of home-cooked, fresh food over any 'junk'. Not to say that I don't enjoy the odd bit of chocolate or a percy pig or two, but that's pretty much where the line is. So I don't see filling up on pasta and pastries as an option to help my calorie intake. I'll get there though.

I have been super good at meal prepping on Sunday afternoons and are actually starting to enjoy our little weekend ritual. We often make things like turkey muffins (thanks Nic!) and meatloaf, which we can pack with a mixture of meat, carbs and veggies, for a balanced snack/easy lunch.

In addition to 'proper food', I've also been supplementing with whey protein shakes. I find a massive difference in my body composition when I take these alongside my training. For months after I started doing resistance training I saw NO results in terms of increased lean muscle mass, until I started drinking these, and now I swear by them to help my recovery. They're so quick and easy to consume too, which is exactly what I need! In terms of other supplements, I always take multivitamins and since being inspired by Celest I've also started taking probiotics daily.

Finally, you may know I've always struggled with my sleep cycle. This semester, I have 9am lectures which have been forcing me to go to bed earlier so that I can get up early, get to uni on time (I get so stressed at the thought of being late or unprepared!) and actually function. Also, I really want to get the best out of my new training regime and to do that, I know I need to give my body time to recover.

As always, let me know if you'd like any more details on anything that I've mentioned, or if you have any questions about things you feel I have missed!