Pilates Socks from Sweaty Betty - Kit Review

So, if you have been super-observant while reading some of my recent posts, you may have noticed me wearing these lovely little pilates socks. I bought these from Sweaty Betty last year and they quickly became (and remain) one of my exercise essentials.

I was inspired to buy them when I started taking Body Balance classes at my gym as I didn't fancy going barefoot on a floor where body-combatters had been stomping around minutes beforehand. Although £12 may seem pricey for a pair of socks, it's one of the best fit-kit investments that I've made!

The socks are super comfy and stay on with no issues thanks to the cute little elasticised straps. Occasionally they twist a little, but I think that's to be expected when you're rolling about! The grips on the bottom are really effective and have worn really well. Although this exact colourway is not available in the current collection, there's an essential black/grey pair, as well as a purple pair which I'm lusting after to wear with my Chandrasana Yoga Leggings, which I am currently in love with (and wear obsessively!).

While browsing the SB website, I also spotted these gorgeous gripper socks which have taken my fancy. 

Do you wear any kind of pilates or yoga socks?