More by Lorna Jane Clarkson: My New Bible

Where do I start?! This book is just beautiful!

Every page seems like it has been created with so much care to make it as inspiring and informative as possible. You could open the book any random page (often I do!) and instantly be completely absorbed by inspiration from the gorgeous images, motivating quotes and general wisdom. The pages transport you somewhere else (somewhere sun drenched with plenty of palm trees, ideal if you've been a victim of the UK's downpours for the past weeks!). The book is both a guide of how to live the most wonderfully fulfilling life, and a scrapbook of how Lorna (founder of the Lorna Jane fashionable activewear brand) has done exactly that. 

MORE is Lorna's second book, following Move Nourish Believe (which I've sadly been unable to set my hands on) which reveals even more of her 'active living' ethos. I treated myself to this little bible when I visited the Lorna Jane pop-up shop last year and was super, SUPER lucky that I grabbed the last copy. Honestly, I'm still so grateful that I dropped by when I did (on my way to visit Chloe at Lomax, FYI).

So like I said, sometimes I open the book at random to grab a little shot of inspiration. Today, it was '12 things successful people do differently'; No. 11: they spend time with the RIGHT people. Other helpful advice includes 'learning to say NO'. Sometimes we just need a little reminder don't we?! 

I've also been completely inspired (how many times can I use that word in a single post? Pass the thesaurus please...) by the 'day in the life' spread which shows how Lorna squeezes so much into, and out of, her days. If anyone can encourage me to wake up at the crack of dawn, it's her. Well, almost.

I have made so many of the tasty, clean recipes from this book, and let me tell you it is very rare that I follow any recipe (I tend to use them merely for guidelines or ideas) but some of the delights in this book are just perfection! My favourites include the lamb and mung bean loaf (to be fair, I have made it so many times now that it has adapted a little), the banana and egg pancakes (I didn't even like egg until I tried these!) and the chocolate bark. Some of the recipes I'm still dying to whip up, like the lychee cheesecake.

Overall the book captures all the elements that I try to live by within Lorna's 'Move Nourish Believe' philosophy and I find it the perfect place to go when I'm in need of a little refresher. You can read more about the Move Nourish Believe philosophy online (and download a fab, free 'Move Over Sugar' ebook), but if you can get your hands on this book, I can't recommend it enough. 

On a side note, have you heard that Psycle, a hot new London fitness concept, is Lorna Jane's first official UK stockist? I can't wait to drop by on my next trip to London to get my paws on some pieces! If you're in the UK but aren't London-local head to the Active in Style website to check out the goodies!

Finally, I love getting a daily dose of LJ. I follow Active in Style and the Lorna Jane brand on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest, as well as Lorna Jane herself on Twitter and Instagram, where I was super excited to see there's another book in the making. The Lorna Jane YouTube channel is great too, and I must try making the smoothie featured in this video.

Has anyone else fallen in love with Lorna as much as I have?!