The Movement with Lululemon: A Beautiful Day in London

Saturday was such a beautiful sunny spring day, and the perfect day for a little trip down to London. Anthony and I spent a lovely morning on Oxford Street, I bought too many pairs of trainers, and we enjoyed some gorgeous food. But what made the day even more special was taking part in The Movement.

The queue winding through the streets by the Royal Opera House was apparently around 650 people long, so I felt super lucky to get my bum on a mat! The Movement was a yoga practice led by Lululemon ambassador Emma Henry and accompanied by a live orchestra inside Covent Garden's iconic space.

The yoga practice was amazing. Although it was a little difficult to hear Emma's instruction at times, it was brilliant that the Lululemon crew came round to help correct form and help you to achieve a better stretch. 

For a lot of the session, I couldn't fully appreciate the orchestra as I was focusing so much on not falling over (that would have been one hell of a domino effect!) although having the opportunity to focus on nothing but the present moment is one of the things I love most about yoga. However, during the relaxation at the end (called savasana or shavasana pose), being lullabied by the orchestra playing Adagio for Strings (I urge you to have a listen if you aren't already familiar with it) was an absolute dream. And when the whole venue erupted into applause at the end, it was euphoric. 

I'm so grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful event. Also, I'm grateful that we were allowed to take home the Lululemon yoga mat that we practiced on as they are amazing and I'd been lusting after one for a while. Finally, I'm grateful for the free bubbly in the bar afterwards ;-)

Check out LululemonUK on Instagram and Facebook for more photos and to keep updated on the new store opening in Covent Garden later this month. Exciting!