Go Nutrition Sports Supplements Review

I know that sports supplements can be a little bit of a controversial topic regarding whether they are necessary or not, but they're certainly increasingly in popularity and I have personally experienced the benefits of taking them. Especially since I've increased my weight training, I've been even more interested in learning what different protein products are available, and was really keen to try some of the products offered by Go Nutrition.

I was immediately impressed with the Go Nutrition website as each product's page is incredibly clear and informative. I also love that the site has a wish list feature to help me keep track of key items as I tend to research and compare several products before making a choice, or I will introduce products one at a time. I was also impressed with the range of innovative and relevant products such as Paleo Protein.

However, the first product that I opted to try was Go Whey Protein 80*. This is a fairly standard protein powder containing 80% whey protein concentrate, used to aid recovery and lean muscle gains. GN offer lots of different and unique flavours from blueberry cheesecake to key lime pie. While I'm not a dessert lover, I usually can't resist Black Forest gateau, so that's the flavour I selected. It smells just like black forest gateau (yum!), it tastes quite  like black forest gateau (although a little too sweet), but I found it had a horrible 'tang' afterwards. The mixability of the powder is really good and in terms of pricing, I've found GN to be really competitative. Depending on the flavour and bag size you purchase, each serving works out between 23p - 50p each (I love that the website calculates that for you!).

I also tried this product as a one shot bottle*. I tried rhubarb and custard flavour, which I really didn't think I'd like at all but was pleasantly surprised. While I like the option to sample a single flavour (the sachets come as a mixed sample pack of 10 and I know I wouldn't enjoy the majority of the flavours, though I'm intrigued by the Turkish delight one) I personally don't see the benefit of paying up to an extra £1.50 per serving to have the powder ready put into a disposable plastic bottle for you. In fact, I think it's pretty lazy and wasteful. I found it irritating that the bottle didn't have markings (printing ml indicator lines on the label would have been simple) for guidance when adding liquid. But, most crucially, the mixability of the powder in a bottle without a blender is terrible and I had to transfer it to my regular shaker in order to drink it anyway. Essentially, I think the one shot bottle is a good concept in theory but not at all in practice. I'd rather have the option to purchase individual sachets of product.

I was also really excited to try GN's Protein Hot Chocolate* because I'm not a tea or coffee drinker so something chocolatey tends to be my hot drink of choice, particularly before bedtime. GN's hot chocolate is perfect for this time of day especially as the milk protein is slow release. As with the whey protein however, I wasn't a fan of the drink's artificial sweetness, so I'd perhaps consider adding a little more of my own cocoa to compensate but I think it's a great product.

Overall I have been pretty impressed with GN. Unfortunately I didn't love the powdered protein products as much as I wanted to due to the very prominent taste of artificial sweeteners. I know some people don't mind, or even enjoy, that taste, but it's just never been for me, and I do tend to advocate natural alternatives. Luckily for me, GN are one of the few brands that I have discovered offer a natural whey protein product so I have very excitedly placed an order for that and I will keep you updated!

Of course, Go Nutrition offer lots of products other than protein supplements. I've also been finding uses for their Pure Fine Oats*, such as in pancakes. I'd love to know what you use oats for so please, please leave your recipes and ideas in a comment below!

I'd also love to hear your thoughts on the other products I've reviewed in this post, and whether you've heard of Go Nutrition before?