Adding Almonds + My Favourite Healthy Breakfast

Almonds most frequently appear in my diet at breakfast time. One of the reasons for this is that almonds are a brilliant source of protein, especially compared to other nuts. A typical serving of almonds provides 6g of protein, where the same size serving of cashews, for example, would provide around 3/4 of that. We all know that eating some healthy proteins with breakfast will keep us feeling fuller for longer and, as I'm not a fan of eggs, almonds with yogurt provide me with the protein I need to kick start the day, as you will probably be aware if you follow me on Instagram!

I nearly always build my breakfasts starting with a pot of natural yogurt, and I always opt for the full fat version as low fat options tend to have added sugar. Onto this I sprinkle a flaxseed-based superfood mixture, add mixed berries, grapes, or whatever other fruit I fancy (lately I've been loving cooked rhubarb which is currently in season!) and a handful of raw almonds. Perfection!

Having a healthy breakfast really sets me up for a healthy day (start as you mean to go on, right?!). So as well as loving almonds for their protein content, I choose them for their nutrients. Almonds are the most nutritionally dense nut, packing more nutrients per calorie and per gram than alternatives. Nutrients include vitamin E, B vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium to name just a few!

I've also been known to stash bags of almonds in my handbag because they're a great on-the-go snack. I'd much rather grab a handful of these than have to spend money on a sugar- and fat-laden chocolate bar or something similar. Sometimes I'll mix almonds with other nuts and raisins to make a kind of trail mix too.

While my preference is raw ' all-natural' almonds, Blue Diamond* also have salted almonds, which are pretty damn tasty, and roasted shelled almonds. I'd definitely recommend the latter if you're a bit naughty with portion control as shelling them as you munch away stops you scoffing more than you perhaps should!

What's your favourite way to eat almonds?