It's Pour O'Clock - The Importance of Hydration

This week I learned that BRITA research revealed 4pm as the time that a lot of us feel like we are flagging and are most likely to reach for a sugary something to get us through the rest of the afternoon. Sound familiar?

Well, I also learned that dehydration can often be the cause of this kind of fatigue. Water helps your blood transport oxygen and other nutrients to your cells, so if you aren't getting enough of it, your heart has to work harder to transport them around your body. Who knew?!

People have also been known to confuse feelings of dehydration with feelings of peckishness. When I'm about to reach for a snack, I often force myself to grab a drink first, because that might be what my body is really craving. This is exactly what BRITA's new Pour O'Clock initiative, launched at 4pm today, is designed to remind us of.

The more water you drink, the more alert and awake you will feel as being hydrated helps to increase energy levels and improve concentration. Of course, being well hydrated has lots of other health benefits too such as helping you achieve radiant skin. I'm certainly not going to refuse the opportunity to get a lovely afternoon glow, so I will be making sure that I start to pour at four.

Keep your eyes peeled because I'll be following up this post with some other tips, and a little giveaway, to help you keep hydrated! In the mean time, grab your phone, and set an everyday reminder to pour at four, and see what difference it makes.

You can also join in with pour at four Twitter chat today by using the #PourOClock hashtag. Happy pouring!