A Day of Health and Fitness in London for FitMeet2014

I love talking to people that are as passionate about keeping fit and healthy as I am, so there are many health and fitness bloggers that I consider good friends because we speak pretty frequently and just 'get' each other, even though we rarely get to meet. Thankfully, Rhiannon of The Barbelle had the brilliant idea of getting together in sunny London for a day of doing what we love.

Lunch at Leon

After meeting Rhi at Kings Cross, where I spotted her even without my glasses on thanks to the sea of pink goodie bags surrounding her (you'll have to wait until my next post for a peek inside them!), we grabbed a healthy lunch from Leon. Leon had been on my list of must-try restaurants for ages thanks to their menu of 'naturally fast-food' options. I opted for a lemon, lime and ginger quencher drink and the moroccan meatballs hot box, both of which were absolutely amazing. I was so impressed with how delicious and healthy my lunch was, and despite being served super-quickly, it tasted incredibly fresh. I urge you to check out their menu and treat yourself to a nourishing bite next time you're in town.

Class at Gymbox

Next stop, Gymbox. I was super impressed with Gymbox from the second that we stepped through the doors. If I lived or worked in the area, this is where I would get a gym membership. As well as having an amazing and unique training area and brilliant facilities, Gymbox also offer a range of classes. In the 'floating' studio above the gym, we took part in one of Gymbox's exclusive classes, 'Rollin' with my Foamies' taught by its creator, Jess. As you may have already worked out out from the name, the class utilises foam rollers to add instability to different exercises, working your muscles even harder. Despite being fairly low impact, this workout was muscle-burning, sweat-inducing (thankfully we had plenty of Vivid Drinks to keep us hydrated!) and incredibly challenging. There were times during the class that I thought my legs were going to collapse beneath me, and later that evening, after an hour sitting on a train, they very nearly did again! I'd love to try some other Gymbox classes in the future.

Nutrition Chat with Simon Roshdy

While we recovered from the workout, we enjoyed a Q&A session with nutritionist and trainer Simon Roshdy of The Diet Kitchen. I love Simon's no-nonsense approach to nutrition and the fact that he is keen to ensure that all of his advice is backed by scientific evidence and a wealth of experience. Simon advocates knowledge, moderation and sustainability, and in my opinion, that's what everyone's diet should be based upon.

Shopping in Covent Garden

After grabbing some food and having a sun-soaked picnic on the Covent Garden Piazza, the inevitable happened. Shopping. First on the agenda was Lululemon and, as you can see, none of us left empty handed.  Our next, and last (our arms were full and purses were empty!), stop for a spot of spending was T K Maxx, a store that we have all been really impressed with lately for their fitness clothing, accessories and equipment. Keep your eyes peeled for my next post where I'll be showing all of my fitness finds.

Although shopping with these girls (CantaraRhiannon and Tash) was financially dangerous, it was one of the best shopping trips I've ever had. Because we all love fit fashion and understand each others fitness habits, we could help each other find the best items for our needs. I was so grateful to have the girls' honest and experienced opinions and recommendations, as well as their genuinely lovely company. We had so much fun.

Froyo at Snog

Our last destination of the day was Snog. As with Leon, I've been dying to try this foodie hot spot for a long time. My 'guilt-free snog' wasn't quite as guilt-free as Rhi's and Cantara's as I couldn't resist the gummy bears and Oreos, but it was so worth it! While enjoying our coconut froyo, and fighting brain freeze, we shared tips and tricks on blog design, organising and content.

I feel so lucky to have spent the day with some amazing and inspiring people.