Why My Eyesight is Affecting My Workouts + My Journey Towards Contact Lenses + Laser Eye Surgery

I'm short-sighted and have glasses which I rely upon with increasing frequency. I went from using them just for night driving, to finding they're a necessity just to watch TV. Now, I'm struggling to workout without them.

Gone are the days when I could just scan my gym for the equipment I need; a swiss ball, resistance band, a foam roller. Now, I have to ask an instructor to point them out for me to save me embarking on an embarrassing expedition through the jungle of machinery. I struggle in exercise classes too, unable to identify the instructors' movements (Should my foot be pointed or flexed? Is that grip over- or under-hand?) and monitor my own form in the studio mirrors. I have even skipped classes before if I thought there was a chance that I'd be late and not grab a spot near the front. Another terrible side-effect of my poor eyesight is just straight up ignoring people (please say I'm not alone here!) so I can say goodbye to making any new gym buddies at this rate...

I was recently pointed in the direction of a video by Optical Express* that shows George, an ice-cream man, speaking about his personal experience of Laser Eye Surgery. The video especially struck a chord with me when George explained how much his surgery improved his sporting performance. I know of lots of people who have successfully undergone laser eye surgery so it's always something that I've been aware of, and thought I would consider in the future, but not something that I knew much about. I found it particularly helpful to know that Optical Express were able to answer the queries George had prior to the procedure. So, being ever-curious, I approached them with a few of my own questions via the online chat that I came across while browsing the Laser Eye Surgery Q&A and found them really helpful.

My main concern with any procedure is generally the recovery period as I don't like being inactive or unable to exercise. Although this would be discussed at a consultation, Optical Express advised 4 weeks before returning to any kind of weight training, for example, explaining to me that it's to do with the pressure put on your body and your eyes when lifting heavy weights. So although that's a little longer than I thought, I wouldn't rule out the option of Laser Eye Surgery.

First though, I'm going to give contact lenses a go and have already booked an appointment at my local opticians. If you are active and have experience of using contact lenses or laser eye surgery (or have any gym-based tips to help me in the meantime!), please let me know!

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