Feeling Upbeat - My Favourite Fresh and Fruity Protein Drink

I have been keen for a long while now to introduce to you a brand that I'm really excited about: Upbeat. The name says it all really - this brand is dedicated to making you feel 'upbeat'! Their website contains research on the benefits of upbeat music, and even has a Barometer that tracks the mood of the nation.

Upbeat drinks* are fresh dairy drinks that are high in protein with 20g of the stuff in each bottle. While they work out a little pricier than a standard scoop of protein powder, I'm reluctant to compare them to other 'protein shakes' because I feel that they occupy a different space in the market. Upbeat drinks are conveniently ready-mixed and they can appeal to everyone, not just seasoned gym bunnies, from a health (and taste!) perspective. What I also love about the brand, is that they communicate the importance of ensuring adequate protein consumption throughout the day, and even have an online protein calculator (which I highly recommend!) to make your job of monitoring your protein intake a little easier!

Upbeat Nutritional Information + Ingredients

It's really obvious that Upbeat have worked hard to keep the number of ingredients in their drinks to a minimum to ensure that they are as natural and healthy as possible. In fact, 99% of the drink is made up of just 3 ingredients - fresh whey protein, fruit puree and fruit juice from concentrate - and the entire drink includes just 8 natural ingredients. This is particularly impressive given that another ready-to-drink protein milk that I recently tried contained a whopping 22 different ingredients, including 7 different acidity regulators which I couldn't even pronounce! This is something that is undoubtedly reflected in the taste of the drink as Upbeat tastes deliciously fresh and fruity, unlike any other protein-based drink I've had.

While Upbeat now comes in 3 flavours, I've only managed to get my mitts on 2 so far of which the mango and passionfruit was my favourite (I found the strawberry had perhaps a little too much sweetener). I'm now on a quest for the new blueberry and raspberry flavour. Hopefully this shouldn't be too hard to track down as Upbeat drinks are available in the chilled cabinets of so many stores including Waitrose, Tesco and Holland and Barrett. You can find your nearest stockist on their website. Have you tried them yet?