Summer Run + Sweaty Betty Kicker Run Capri Pants

Sports Bra - NikeTop - Under ArmourCapri Pants* - Sweaty Betty, Trainers - Nike

As you may have gathered by now, I love to switch up my workouts. I think that variety is key because it's great to work your muscles in different ways. Not only that, but it makes your workout regime much more interesting, helping to keep you motivated to exercise. Summer is such a brilliant time to find different ways of working out, whether it's trying an outdoor bootcamp, going for a hike, or getting on your bike. So far this summer I've taken some lovely countryside walks with a girlfriend and been lucky enough to try my hand at tennis. The sunny weather has encouraged me to embrace the concept of active living even more, and I've found myself making healthy choices when travelling around the city, opting to walk rather than take public transport (even when it has meant 50 minutes of dragging a suitcase behind me, it's been worth it!).

Without doubt, my favourite piece of activewear for working out in the sunshine has been Sweaty Betty's Kicker Run Capris *. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Sweaty Betty activewear for the amazing quality and style, and I've been loving the latest addition to my SB collection. Despite not being much of a runner, I was lusting after these from the second that Sweaty Betty's Summer Run Edit catalogue dropped through my door. As with all Sweaty Betty products, the attention to detail on these capris is spot on, from the luminous SB logo printed at the hem to the perfect pocket for essentials. However, the main reason that I have been loving wearing these in the warm sunshine is because the sweat-wicking fabric is so lightweight that they feel like a second skin.

These particular capri pants are now in the Sweaty Betty sale for £38.00 down from £55.00 along with a massive variety of other products which are up to 50% off. Although everything is super tempting, remember to save some pennies for Sweaty Betty's amazing new collection launching 1st August!

I always love some more workout inspiration so let me know what your favourite ways to workout in summer are. Has the sunshine encouraged you to make more active and healthy choices?