Sweaty Betty Core Blast Club - An Ab-Burning Workout

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A couple of weeks ago I headed to my local Sweaty Betty boutique in Cambridge to try their Core Blast class, taught by a friend of mine, Stephanie. If you didn't already know, Sweaty Betty hosts free workout clubs every week at every store to inspire the local community to get active, and each store has its own unique classes (you can find your closest one here). The Cambridge boutique, for example, offers yoga club and run club, in addition to core blast. I love Sweaty Betty's free sessions - they're a great opportunity to socialise and to mix up your workout routine in ways that you otherwise wouldn't. And we all know I'm a fan of exercise variety!

Anyway, on Wednesday night, I arrived in store just before closing time (to give myself enough time to have a catch up with Steph, of course) and so witnessed the boutique morphing into a brilliant workout space as display tables were pushed aside, the music was turned up, and confused spectators gathered at the door. Seriously. 

The class itself was a no-frills, simple-to-follow core workout, which was really great fun. After a couple of aerobics routines had warmed us up, Steph pushed us through numerous ab-burning exercises from sit-ups to leg raises. Nothing, however, prepared me for the 4 minute moving plank challenge. Ouch!

But the biggest warning that should come with this class: you will shop while you workout. Although I have tried out some of Sweaty Betty's free classes before (read my thoughts here!), I had yet to take part in one actually based in store. Let me tell you, it is dangerous. Especially if, like me, you choose a spot in front of the stand of cute pilates socks, and with the sale rail in full view...

Do you have any Sweaty Betty clubs near you? Let me know what your favourites are!