What's in my Gymbag - Edition 2

I couldn't resist this gym bag from Lululemon when I saw it back in June. It was definitely an investment piece but now that I've had plenty of time to put it though its paces, I can honestly say that it was worth it.

Firstly, it looks great and I feel confident wearing it on my arm. Secondly, it's incredibly functional. It has two attached handles, one detachable shoulder strap, and a removable strap for a yoga mat. It has easy access pockets on the outside of the bag, and inside, there are three large zip pockets, as well as a removable drawstring bag which is perfect for separating a change of clothes or swimwear. Although for a typical gym session it can feel a bit oversized, I'm travelling outside of my hometown more and more frequently to stop by fitness events, take courses and review classes, which means that I often need to take things that I wouldn't ordinarily carry with me, like a prepped meal, a change of clothes (or two!), cosmetics, and entertainment for the journey.

The contents of my gym bag never really changes that much. My gym isn't far from where I live so I never need to use their shower facilities, so it's really just the essentials!

+ Gym card

+ Keys

Sweaty Betty Pilates Socks - these are always in my bag ready for a yoga or body balance session and I could really do with a couple more pairs on rotation.

MyProtein Liquid Chalk - I swear by this stuff and don't think I'd survive a strength training session without it.

+ Gym class schedule, my workout plans and a pen

+ Hair brush and hair tie

+ Antibacterial hand gel - it's crucial to clean your hands after touching bacteria-ridden workout equipment. Where possible I wash my hands with soap and water but this is great on-the-go.

+ Towel - I love my new TowelMate fitness towel as it's also essential for keeping you protected against bacterial nasties. It has a side marked 'gym' for equipment (I use it mostly for covering benches and spin bike handle bars), and a side marked 'skin' for you, as well as a germ shield layer in the middle. It also has a handy zipper pocket to keep your essentials safe and close-by. Perfect!

+ iPod and headphones - I haven't been using these a lot lately because I need to get my hands on an arm strap for my iPod, and a pair of headphones that don't give me static shocks when I workout with them. While I do like my Apple earbuds, I have my eye on some yurbuds, which are more fit for purpose. I also use a Bobino cord wrap to keep wires neat and untangled.

+ Emergency snack - there have been times that I have lost energy, or even become light headed, during a workout, so now I always ensure there's something sugary on hand to perk me up. While I don't generally like processed junk food, I also believe in moderation and these miniature packs of Haribo do the job! Of course, if I'm out and about, I'll also have healthy options like an apple, some nuts and a snack bar.

+ iPad - I use this for the journeys that I mentioned above because it's full of podcasts that I've downloaded to keep me entertained. Right now I'm loving TEDTalks and Ben Coomber Radio.

+ Resistance band - just in case the ones at my gym are in use because I think these are great for performing activation exercises

Sweaty Betty Hydrate Water Bottle - missing from this picture is my trusty Sweaty Betty water bottle (because it was in the washing up bowl). It's my favourite because it holds a whopping 750ml, is made from non-toxic plastic, and looks awesome - I love the frosted finish.

What do you keep in your gym bag?