Milk Alternatives with Blue Diamond

Until recently I had never considered any alternatives to cow’s milk. I always drank full-fat cow’s milk growing up and in 20+ years it has done me no harm (that I know of) and so, like many other people, I’ve been reluctant to explore any milk alternatives. Now, being far more of a nutrition nerd than I used to be, I’ve started researching and experimenting and I’m currently enjoying Blue Diamond’s Almond Milk*.

Milk Alternatives Calorie Content

With the exception of the occasional hot chocolate, I currently only use milk when mixing up protein shakes (I really can’t get used to mixing them with water) and, because most protein powders are already highly sweetened, I find the Unsweetened Almond Breeze great for this purpose. I’m currently trying to increase my protein intake, something that a lot of people would benefit from, which is difficult without increasing overall daily caloric intake. I generally don’t count calories because the majority of the food that I eat is clean, whole and unprocessed, and so that side of things generally takes care of itself, but when I’m drinking 200ml of milk, sometimes twice a day, with shakes, the calories can really add up. Here’s how different milks compare:

The great thing about Almond Breeze is that it is also fortified with calcium so that you aren’t missing out on the bone and teeth strengthening benefits of cow’s milk. If you'd like any more information on the Almond Breeze products, I highly recommend checking out Blue Diamond's super-helpful FAQ.